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More Effective Communications With New Media

The effectiveness of any organization depends on how well people in that organization communicate - to their customers, community, vendors, investors and to each other. Interactive new media properly created, distributed and presented provides a communications flow between sender and receiver that the written word just can't match.

Traditionally, the problem with new media has been its high cost. Only recently have technology improvements allowed the cost and labor intensity of creating, distributing and presenting new media to be slashed to a fraction of its original cost, enabling almost overnight, the ability to substantially improve communications.

Thanks to these lower costs, people today have a wealth of media beyond just text to choose from: graphics, animation, audio, and digital video. We can now also choose new ways to distribute information beyond the postal service: CD-ROM The World Wide Web. fax, e-mail, and voice mail Presentation technologies beyond paper have also become easier and less costly with new and low cost devices such as Video CD, DVD, and Internet browsers that work on PCs, Macs, UNIX systems and TVs..

But is this new technology being used effectively by your organization to give you a competitive edge? That's where Digital Enterprises comes in.

    About Digital Enterprises
    Digital Enterprises, a full-service communications provider, specializes in the effective use of new media technology to help our customers communicate better. Digital Enterprises provides the services, products and content that help people communicate to give your company the best competitive advantage.
    What Can Digital Enterprises Do for Your Business?
    Today's new media technology is infinitely more complicated than the desktop publishing revolution that made everybody a publisher. Digital Enterprises specializes in these new technologies and offers a variety of services and products to help your business take full advantage of tomorrow's technology today.
    Why Choose Digital Enterprises?
    Digital Enterprises combines technology expertise with practical corporate experience. Over the years, we have served many large and small corporations and institutions. Digital Enterprises' professional staff brings years of experience in the following areas:
    • Internet
    • Product Design, Marketing & Management
    • Computer-Based Teaching & Training
    • Graphic Design
    • Engineering
    • Market Research
    • Sales Management
    • Motion Pictures
    • Photography
    • Digital Video

Using this combined experience, we analyze your business needs, your employees' talents, and design and implement solutions that work.


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