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Why A Web Site?:

The purpose of having a Web site is to market your company's services to the millions of prospective customers using the Internet and to keep existing customers appraised of your organization's developments. But in forest of millions of web pages, does anyone know you are there?

Marketing Your Web Site

Setting up the web page is just the beginning. What separates your web site from your competition's? How do you ensure that once your web site is set up, people will check it out? How do you attract qualified prospects to your Web Site. That is where Digital Enterprises come in.

Works with you to identify the interests of your target audience.

This effort is then converted into key words. The very words your prospects might use to search the web to find your product or service.

Baseline Study

Next Digital Enterprises conducts a baseline study of the web for each of your key words at each major search engine. This results in a listing of sites that currently appear in the search engines at a higher level than yours.

Submit, Submit, and Submit Again

Then your page(s) are submitted to each search engine for review and indexing. After about two months the search engine will start lisiting your site and the "Baseline Study" is submitted again. Progress in moving up the search list is monitored, sites above yours are analysed, your web pages are modified and submitted again. Then the process is repeated again. But not too often or the search engines will blacklist your site and no one will find you.

Doorway Pages

The next step is to write, by hand, a special "doorway" page that is optimized by search engine and by key word. Then using special technology developed by Digital Enterprises the page redirects to the "real" page upon hiting it from the search engine.

Coordinates Internet strategy with your overall marketing plan.

Your Internet strategy is not a separate part of your marketing -- it's a very important part of your need to be visible. Working with you, we will determine the best budget for your Internet marketing efforts and the approach that best meets that figure.

Links your URL to other sites that share the same interests.

Look through the index of an encyclopedia, and you can find several pages for any given topic. The Internet works the same way, by linking common sites to web pages that share similar interests. Digital Enterprises Internet Marketing Services will link your web page across a wide range of search engines web pages that share common interests: trade associations, business partners, customers, and vendors. By creating links that cross-reference your web page with others, we increase your visibility and income opportunities for you and the companies you work.

Creates visibility for your Web site in the electronic and print media.

  • Every business has its own trade journals that are published on-line and in print
  • There are also radio and television news programs that serve the general and specific needs of their audience. Digital Enterprises will contact the editors who serve your industry and let them know that your web site exists as a valuable source of information.
  • There are also on-line "telephone books" news groups and mailing lists that list web sites. Digital Enterprises will list your site in these directories, so that your site will be seen, regardless of which directory your prospect looks through.

Tracks the "hits" your site receives and makes changes where necessary.

A successful web site is measured both in the number of times it is "hit" or accessed by prospects, and in the dollar amount of sales that you can attribute to that site's existence. To ensure that your web page is working according to your goals, Digital Enterprises will work with you to keep your Web page's content up-to-date, and to make adjustments in our strategy, when we see an opportunity to create greater exposure.


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