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Manufacturer Lead Handling System

The Problem

The manufacturer does all the right things. The leads pour in and sales management is swamped. A reseller network has been set up. Now what do you do?

A flurry of questions occur:

    1. Which leads are any good?
    2. Who should I give the leads to?
    3. How do I know if the leads are being followed up?
    4. What is the result of the follow up?
    5. If bad leads are given to the reseller, will they follow up on any leads in the future?
    6. Which leads were turned into sales?
    7. Where did those leads come from?
    8. Who made the sale?

Three Possible Solutions

1. Buy Software for Your Computer

You could go buy ACT or Goldmine and pay hundreds of dollars for each user (That includes all your dealers because they may not have the software you picked).and about four hours training each person. Just to start. Then you have to figure out how to import the leads into the software, assign the each lead to the appropriate dealer, and distribute the lead. If you are lucky enough to get the dealer to give you a status report, then you will need to update each lead with that status information. Figure you will be spending 2 minutes per lead, so you can handle up to about 500 leads each day just maintaining the list. Or you will have to hire someone who may not understand the lead management as well as you would handle it. Frankly, you have better things to do than lead management. And forget about getting your lead data back out of the software, if you want to change to something else. You may need a computer science degree and even then the export function might not work as advertised.

2. Buy a Lead Handling Service

If any of them are still in business. We have evaluated a bunch of them for our clients over the years. Generally they cost tens of thousands dollars to start and weeks to customize and deploy. By the time you have it working and everybody trained, the leads you currently have are dead. You might be too since what you are doing today will make the sales tomorrow.

3. Engage Digital Enterprises Custom Web Based Lead Handling System

Digital Enterprises has many years of experience developing and deploying lead handling systems. Our focus has been on small-to-medium businesses and developing a simple system that can be used by all. Our customers have included such folks as DBM, Text Analysis International, Sun Tunnel and others.

DBM uses the system to track and report on lead status worldwide. Text Analysis uses the system to prioritize, distribute and track leads. Sun Tunnel gathered their leads off the web and assigned them for sales appointments to their dealers.

Key Features

Data Input

  • Import from spreadsheets, text files, and other sources
  • Leads to be entered via any internet browser any place in the world
  • Leads can be marked for status and follow up
  • Rapidly add new fields

Data Storage

  • Create any number of fields
  • Fields can be text, numbers, pulled down menus, check boxes and more


  • Multiple views can be used to select, sort, filter, and/or create calculations
  • Rapidly add new views

Multi User

  • Leads can be shared with multiple people and with multiple levels of security


  • Online help
  • Custom instructions per field


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