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VAR and Distribution Consulting

As a manufacturer or distributor, you have to structure a distribution program that will determine the ulitimate success of your product in the marketplace.

Digital Enterprises has experienced the best and the worst manufacturer/distributor scenarios as a value added reseller and manager of VAR programs. Based on its success in resolving these issues, Digital Enterprises has grown into a leading developer of computer-based reseller training for manufacturers and distributors. Now that same advice is available to you on a consulting basis.

Digital Enterprises' VAR and Distribution Consulting services helps you address the following issues:

  • VAR/Distributor problems and how to solve them
  • Reseller selection criteria, identification and recruitment
  • Lead management and tracking
  • Reseller programs
  • Pricing and margins
  • Co-op and market development funds
  • Demos and demo development
  • Competitive analysis
  • Sales training
  • Product presentations
  • Trade shows
  • Reseller motivation

Having run successful reseller programs for companies such as Hewlett-Packard and Apple, Digital Enterprises' knows the manufacturer's point of view, and understand the reseller and manufacturer representative side as well, having sold for the leading technology and media companies in the marketplace: Sun, Apple, Netscape, Abbate Video, Equilibrium, Macromedia, Truevision, Avid Technologies, Ingram, Merisel, Tech Data, and Access Graphics.

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