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As a full-service communications company, Digital Enterprises can help with your video production needs. Digital Enterprises will see your production through all phases -- from conception to completion -- and beyond, to duplication, distribution and tracking. Or, we'll work with you on any part of the project where you need our help. As pioneers in the field of digital video, we can deliver your video message, regardless of budget, using the most cost-effective video technology and the people who know how to make it work.

Digital Enterprises' employees have worked with Digital Equipment Corporation, Cable News Network, Black Entertainment Television, The US Information Agency, KETCH-54, Silicon Valley Productions, and Hollywood Pictures. Our professionals also founded the first company dedicated solely to digital video, growing it into Northern California's largest reseller of Avid Editing systems

With experience in motion pictures, national and local commercial production, corporate video and CD-ROM titles, we can assemble your pre-and post-production crew in order to assure a smooth production. As resellers for the production industry's leading software and hardware applications, we've formed profitable relationships with the best imaginations in Northern California -- a hotbed of media innovation. When you have a project that requires video, call on us to put it together for you.

And more, we have been streaming video over the web since 1996.

Digital Enterprises Will Handle

All or Part of Your Video Production:

When you have a message that requires video, we can show you what works best for your budget, and help you fashion an idea that sells.
Script Services
Working with your experts, we'll design a script that tells your story, to your audience, the way you want it said.
Location Scouting, Casting, Transportation, Set Design, Lighting, Sound and Crew Assembly, Rehearsing Talent -- building the foundation of the shoot ensures that mistakes are avoided.
By determining in advance, the needs of your audience, whether your talent is professional or non-professional, whether the shoot is on-location or in a studio, we can build the shoot so that the actual shooting day goes as smooth as possible.
Post Production
Determining in advance the best program for your budget gives us the opportunity to assemble the finished product quickly. Our knowledge of digital non-linear editing systems lets us do it even faster. This saves money and provides a product that looks better than your budget.
Multiple Delivery of Your Program
Digital Enterprises delivers the finished product over multiple delivery channels: videotape, CD-ROM and the Internet, increasing your audience, using the best technology available.


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